3D Prototype Process Animation

Explaining complicated processes through flowcharts is definitely a step further than depending on humongous text documents. But even flowcharts are such a passe and not as dynamic and illustrative as a 3D prototype process animation.

3D product process animation is a fairly new way of representing the entire process that needs to be showcased on one screen holistically without physically running around from one part to another. Process animation is even better than a live shoot because it helps visualize even those things that can’t be shot. A 3D prototype process animation considerably reduces the time, money and effort spent and makes it more engaging and interesting to explain complicated processes.

In the last five years, Magic Spangle has worked with a lot of companies from diverse verticals to create 3D process prototype animation for them. Our inhouse team of animators and artists work closely with you to understand the process you want to show and represent it in 3D animation to make it visually appealing, sophisticated  and easily comprehensible.

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