Background Styling

We all know that films are not simply lights, camera and action. There is much more that goes into setting up the scene. We are talking about those little details which often doesn’t catch our attention but are extremely crucial, and i.e. taking care of the background. The thing with background styling is that you won’t notice it when it’s there, but you will miss it when the background isn’t upto the mark.

Be it any kind of video, a game, even a still image or a website, mobile site or app design, a background styled to easily blend with everything else in the scene is a must for a richer experience. Background styling, therefore, requires a lot of artistic skill and imagination of technology, colours, and specialised field knowledge.

The fact that anything looks good in animation stands true but only in the hands of brilliant animators and artists do these special pieces of art become monumental.  At Magic Spangle, our in-house team of expert animators and illustrators work wonders when it comes to background styling for companies.

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Background Designing And Illustration

Background Styling

Background designing is one of the most important features in a game or 2D/3D animation. Whether the background is stationary or moving, it has to be designed very thoughtfully since...

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