Book Drawings & Illustration

One doesn’t really need to draw attention to book drawings and illustrations because we all have grown up observing how these illustrations kept reducing to becoming virtually absent as we moved to higher classes.

But at Magic Spangle, we work to dispel the popularly held myth that book drawings and illustrations are only meant for kids. Apart from producing absolutely captivating illustrations and drawings for children books, we also produce representational animated illustrations for entertainment and educational purposes for corporates, media and publishing houses, and government departments.

Animation is not only only about cute little characters, but have a unique way of influencing people without losing out on its entertainment value. To illustrate their plans and policies, we work with organisations-both government and non-government- so that they can communicate better with their target audience. In the last so many years, Magic Spangle has worked with a number of companies, artists and publishing houses to create wonderful animated book drawings and illustrations.

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Book Illustration

Book Drawings & Illustration

Book illustrations are specific type of illustrations that are used in books. It is very important to accompany text with art to keep the reader interested and also explain concepts...

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