Character Design & Illustration

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that animated characters are the poster boy of animation industry, may be because this is what people think we do. When so much is at stake, creating wonderful character designs and illustrations have come to become a test for a good animation company. Magic Spangle in its half a decade long stint in the industry has created thousands of unique characters and continues to produce more.

Character design and illustration is a truly challenging and creative job and needs a lot of imagination and expert knowledge. The most challenging aspect of this job is to create a character which is both distinct and similar to recognisable human and animal forms at the same time. These likable and interesting characters are widely used in movies, games, television, advertisements, videos, websites, presentation, marketing, applications and motion pictures.

At Magic Spangle, our expert team of animators and illustrators specialise in creating unique animated characters to represent your ideas in a way which strikes a chord with your audience.

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