Children Rhymes & Cartoon

Beyond the fascination of picture books, animated children rhymes and cartoon videos creates an entire interactive magical world for children.

These children specific videos are catchy, attractive, and more effective and educative than traditional ways of imparting knowledge.

Thanks to the increased penetration of internet-using devices, these videos can now easily be accessed and shared.  According to a research, online video consumption among kids between the age of 2-11 years grew by 87% in  2014, creating a brand new category of consumers which can’t be ignored.

But despite it being consumed by little children, the art of creating these videos involve a lot of thinking, creativity and technological sophistication. The videos usually have animated characters in 2D which is done in Adobe Flash or 3D which we do in Maya or 3DS Max. The movements of these characters are kept simple and basic so that it is easily understandable.

These videos are designed especially to appeal children which is not at all an easy job to do because we need to cater to an age group we have long passed.