Corporate Brochure by Magic Spangle

It’s been more than 5 years since “The Magic Spangle” studios set on its first voyage. This young and dynamic video production studio, based in New Delhi led by the skipper “Rajneesh Kumar”, is an abode of creativity and professionalism. In a quest to intrigue its client since the day it’s born, the Magic Spangle studios has managed to create yet another masterpiece that just looks paraprosexi.

magicpsangle cover page (2)


The Magic Spangle studios has launched its “Corporate Brochure” which illustrates different facts and faces of the studio that has been elating its clients worldwide with cutting edge animated and live videos.

The brochure showcases the corporate philosophy, commitment with innovation and creativity, in addition to detailed review of its different forte in video production sectors.


Magicspangle Brochure


The brochure has simple yet engaging graphic illustrations of just about eight pages, manages to integrate information with creativity. The brochure is intuitive and themes around the company’s quotes of success “Creativity Meets Technology”. Use of simple colours and cartoon illustrations are something that gets you twitterpatted. The corporate brochure is available in print format and the idea to make it digitally available is yet to be considered.




The Magic Spangle studios is a strategic art palace that integrates visualization, creativity and technology to help clients built unique, enduring brands and market themselves in fresh and innovative ways. Over five years of our service has no stigma attached to its name and we look to carry the legacy forward with same enthusiasm and knack for creativity


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