Corporate Video: Why Your Business Needs One

Throughout the marketing books, you will find the authors talking about the importance of “showing” (like pictures and graphs) rather than “telling” (like numbers and facts). When it comes to buying anything, the customer regardless of any market will always want to see before buying the product. For example: let’s pretend you want to buy a car, you know about the performance, acceleration and other relevant details but a test drive is what will satiate you to buy it.


But every product or service cannot be put on a test drive, isn’t it? So how would you convince your client to buy your product or service, and how will you explain to them the benefits of your product?


Primitively, people took the help of powerpoint presentation or an in-person meeting to make people understand about their offers and products. But, in-person meeting is time consuming and you certainly cannot give each of your clients a personal visit. This is where a corporate video helps you. A Corporate Video is the perfect way to market your product and convince people that your product is exactly what they want.


Corporate Videos are an easy way of presenting your product. You may have a brochure that perfectly explains your product. But that’s not enough. People need to actually SEE your product functioning.


Today, more and more people are interested in watching rather than reading. This is why Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. It is also believed that by the end of year 2017, 74% traffic on the internet will be generated by videos. We don’t think you want to lag behind on the technology.


Corporate Videos are easy to be shared. Someone visiting your landing page may have a desire to watch a video rather than just read your long boring content. Someone on the Youtube may be looking for “Companies that produce abcd product”.


You can use lots of good words to describe your product and you may spend hours on phone trying to explain your products and still fail. Alternatively, you may get your business a Corporate Video that does all and saves you time and money. Most people that contact you after watching video are more likely to buy your product since they clearly understand your product or service.

Explore the top 5 reasons that explains why an explainer video is an awesome marketing tool.

The true benefits of a Corporate Video will only prevail if it transfers the exact information of what you want. You can make a Corporate Video for different purposes, some of which are:


Corporate Training: Let’s say you want to bring more manpower to your company, but you cannot just go to a company and pull-off someone from their desks. Instead you can make a corporate video that shows about the type of training your company offers, the treatment etc it gives to its employees. People can easily sit on their desks, watch the video and be impressed with what you offer.


How To Video: So, you have an amazing product but the only problem is people don’t know how to use it or get benefited from your services. This may eventually lead you into losing your potential customers because they do not know how they would use your product. Make a How To video and clearly explain your product or service.


Public Relations: A video will allow you to contact directly with your target audience. Visual aids integrated with the video is a perfect way to reinforce your messages.


Testimonials: One of the best methods to perfectly market your message to your customers is to get them sing to your praises. However make sure whatever is being said sounds believable. Record it package it properly and use it in your corporate video or separately in your website. It’s always good to hear praises from someone else.


Benefits of a Corporate Video is obviously endless when you can get the right video with the right content served on the thali of your company’s theme.

Benefits are beyond horizon when you find a perfect team in India like Magic Spangle to tailor the video for you and see your product the way you see it.


Concluding, corporate video is a certain way to revolutionize your business. Bring it to the limelight and step up a million times above the Paleolithic power point presentation strategies. So, contact Magic Spangle now and get yourself a video that will take your business towards a new dawn.

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