Democratization Of Game Development

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Game Development is growing at a pace few would have imagined. Today, it is much easier to create a game than it ever was. Various game engines such as Unity3D and Unreal have lowered the bar for entry of Casual and novice game developers. Unity has introduced its native 2D tools. Game Maker has been getting better each day. Other frameworks and editors such as Construct 2, Cocos2d-x, Game Salad, Marmalade, Libgdx, Sprite Kit and many more have also made it far easier to develop games today. Game making has truly been democratized.

Despite all of this, an indie developer finds it very hard to gather all the resources for making a game. A coder has difficulty making art, an artist has difficulty coding and if you somehow manage to do both you are still left with sound,level design and the UI/UX. With millions of apps already present in the market and hundreds of new releases daily, it is extremely important to polish your game as much as possible. Think of it, Wouldn’t it be wise for a programmer to focus on the code and gameplay and not worry too much about the art? He would then be able to channelize his energy on other aspects of games such as marketing and promotion.

This is where Magic Spangle comes to your rescue. Are you a programmer looking for amazing art and graphics? Are you an artist looking to get your game made? Are you an App Entrepreneur with ideas looking to make games? We will help you in each of these fields so that you may concentrate and work in your field of expertise.

Our dedicated team of artists will talk to you and discuss your ideas. When we have arrived at a certain level of understanding, we carry out research in the concerned area. For example, if you want to make a Tower Defense game, we study all the popular Tower Defence games, their art and design. We send you various proposals in the form of drafts. You pick one of your choice and suggest any changes if you want. If you wish, you may have a rough copy of the art and use it for your development purposes. After you are satisfied, we start working on the digital files. We send you a daily progress report on the art development that is going on. You may suggest changes which are included in the subsequent updates. Finally, we show you the finalised art in which you can suggest changes. After these changes are made, the final delivery is done with the raw files in the format of your choices.

A similar process is followed for coding. You may send us rough images, fully prepared images or choose to get the art done from us. Either way, we send you a daily progress report and share builds with you whenever you desire.

Apart from the Art and Code, we also provide international quality sound for games and apps at affordable prices.

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