Engineering Animation

The science of engineering also involves the art of conceptualising futuristic technology. But how does one show a engineering marvel at its ideation phase? The answer is fairly simple- through engineering animation videos.

An engineering animation is an extremely inexpensive way to show the design and functioning of a machine in both pre-production or postproduction stage The video is a better way of illustrating than either flowcharts or text-based description because of the animated visual medium it uses to elucidate. It is also better than live shoot because of its varied use and also cost-effectiveness. Engineering animation can be used to easily illustrate  even the most complicated engineering invention in an entertaining and powerful manner.

In the last so many years, Magic Spangle has worked with a number of companies and engineers to help them transform their abstract idea into engaging videos depicting product prototypes and designs. These videos explain the how-to aspect of the machine or product in an easy to understand form.

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