Exterior Rendering

Between a bundle of pages or simply an animated pictorial depiction explaining how will the proposed building look like, what do you think will help you communicate most effectively and succinctly? Obviously the image; it’s a no-brainer. But it is possible to move further than this and show a 360 degree view of the building through technology in the form of a video.

Exterior rendering takes care of all those apprehensions about how will the building or project look like from the outside. It is an exact and inexpensive depiction of your idea to examine and judge its feasibility even before it acquires a tangible form. Exterior rendering is used by real estate developers, engineers, artists, designers to name a few to showcase and promote their planned project. It gives a virtual tour of the project from the outside so that all the necessary changes and improvements can be done at the planning stage itself.

If you think that communication and presentation are the keys separating a successful, sought-after project from the lesser-known ones, then animated exterior rendering is the best bet on your investment.  Exterior rendering is used for marketing, promotional, internal communication, presentation and educative purposes to give a broader and holistic overview of the proposed plan. .

At Magic Spangle, our in-house team of illustrators and artists help clients with exterior rendering solutions. The half a decade old company keeps innovating to find creative and technologically sophisticated solutions for companies.


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