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Talking about “Outsourcing”, it is a practice in which a company transfers a portion of its work to outside suppliers rather than completing it internally. But, its importance is not only confined to its general definition. Outsourcing has opened the market to new employment opportunities, it has brought down the barriers of international market and has provided every business an opportunity to be global.

This concept of outsourcing has also connected us to one of the greatest team in the industry of video production, Flimp Media.

Flimp Media is a U.S based, video+multimedia marketing and communications technology company, to which team “Magic Spangle” has been providing with animation solutions from the past six months. It would not be an exaggeration if we tell you that it has been an absolutely thrilling experience so far. We have been working as a wing to this wonderful team and has provided animation solutions to over 25-30 videos till date.

Learn more about us, check out youtube page of Flimp Media and Magic Spangle.

Albeit the geographical differences, our teams have synchronised so beautifully that it could be only destiny. Working with such a wonderful team led by the amazing Creative Director “Jeff Firtz” and Production Manager, the beautiful Maria Giordano, has opened the room to explore new horizons of the industry.
We hope that the two team remains congruent in the future too, and we get to work and learn more in the company of this beautiful team called “Flimp Media”.

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