Team Recruitment

We regularly conduct Campus placement programmes in and around Delhi. We always look forward to work with talented people of high calibre. You can know about any openings at Magic Spangle through our website or our Facebook and Twitter Pages.

Office Fun

We emphasise having fun while you work as we believe it makes you more productive. You can often spot us playing games such as Counter Strike during our breaks. We have no dress code as such and you are free to wear whatever you like.

Party Time

We believe People at work place are like your second family. We try and celebrate festivals, birthdays and other important events as often as possible. In the pictures you can see a few of us dancing to the tunes.

Gallery Images

  • LOL

  • Violent holi

  • That's me spiderman

  • Tanning

  • Relaxation Time

  • Product of amul

  • On the Dance Floor

  • Magic Spangle team

  • Magic Spangle Team party

  • Maggie time

  • Life at magic spangle

  • Holi celebration

  • hmm

  • Animation Team

Life at Magic Spangle

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