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While working in a creative industry, one must always keep room to learn something new, it helps them evolve as a creative person.

We started off working for GS1 India, sometime in the month of May. We had to keep a tap on lot of prospects about the project. The service is a web platform which means its entirely digital, and targets a different set of audience altogether. It did not target the regular consumers, but the retailers and the manufacturers across the country.  GS1 is a platform that connects the retailers and the manufacturers, and helps them exchange information about products easily. The service was conceptualised in a way that would simplify the communication between retailer and the manufacturer, therefore it was necessary to highlight all the USP’s of GS1 India. data kart The style selected for the video was 2D Cartoon Explainer, it was best suited for this video as it involved using characters to represent retailer and customers . After scripting, the length of the video was approximately two and a half minutes. Later, the script was stretched to 4 minutes after a few more relevant points were incorporated into the script. Followed by the script, we presented a tentative storyboard to the client, which they approved and helped us to move to the next step of animation, in no time. We must say at this point, the team of GS1 responded beautifully, they were quick with their feedbacks at every stage, patient enough to get what they exactly wanted, and it only made us more ambitious to deliver what they imagined.

In our experience, we have seen a lot of clients fail to conceptualise the big picture on the basis of proposed storyboard. This is one of those usual problems that a person who does not belong to the creative business comes across. Our challenge was to overcome these small glitches and deliver what they had in mind. Even after the project was completed, the feedbacks kept coming in, and our team kept mending them in a way they needed to be, until there were no further glitches to take care of anymore. Why don’t you go ahead and have a look yourself.

The process took its time, but we are more than happy to deliver the best to our client. In the journey, we learned a lot about presenting a service as different as GS1 effectively. It was by far one of the most challenging projects that our team crafted with patience and intelligence. Concluding, when you see a satisfied and smiling face of your customer, every effort becomes worth it. It was great working with the team of GS1 and we hope to get the opportunity to work with their talented team in future too.

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P.S: The boss called in for a party, after the work was completed 😀

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