How 3D Animation helps in Prototyping

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Importance of making Prototypes and How 3D Animation helps in Prototyping

One of the areas where the contribution of 3D animation has been immense is Prototyping. Whenever a product is build, initially a prototype is built and shown to customers or investors. Both engineers and animators use the tools for prototyping.

Lets take an example. One fine day, you have a great idea to build something. You discuss it with your friends, draw it on a paper and do other stuff. But you are still not sure if it would work? You can not show to people how your product will look like? This is where 3D animation comes to rescue. Not only can you make 3D models or prototypes of your idea but also animate it and see it in action. You can make changes to it when you want. You can show it to investors, customers and anyone who might be interested.

Let us have a look at the various advantages of using 3D Animation for prototype :

1. Get an exact picture/view of the product you are looking to make. The 3D product is of accurate dimensions.

2. Make real time changes to the 3D models.

3. Animations to display the various functions of the prototype.

4. Show the animated prototype to customers and investors.

5. Save time. Instead of actually building the prototype, you can easily make it in 3D Applications.

We, at Magic Spangle, provide all the necessary services in this area. Mentioned below is the procedure we follow:

1. First and foremost, we discuss with you about your ideas. We note down important points and ask you for any references you may have.

2. Next, we carry out extensive research and development in this area. We study your idea in detail and work with you to finalise important details.

3. Later, we prepare a draft copy which is shared with you. You may suggest changes which are incorporated.

4. After this, we start working on the 3D models. Models are crafted as per requirements and are textured,rigged and animated. You are sent a daily report of all this. You may suggest changes at any point of time.

5. The prepared animation and models are shown to you. Again,you may suggest any changes you want.

6. Finally, after all the amends are done, we send you the raw files and final files in the format of your choice.

If you’d like to know how you or your company could use 3D Animation for preparing prototypes, please get in touch with us via email or phone at,

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