How We Do It

Our Working Process

We deliver your video within 4 to 6 weeks.

At Magic Spangle, we leave no stone unturned to create high-quality output. Why do we say so? Let us walk you through the various stages that each project, no matter how big or small, 2D or 3D, needs to undergo so that you can find the answer for yourself.

Idea (R & D)

At the base sits the idea- strong and clear- on which we build the fantastic world of visual wonder. At Magic Spangle, we invest a lot of time in finalising the idea by conducting extensive R & D. And we don’t stop till you and I believe that the idea is ready to sustain a life of its own.

Whether its an Architectural project or a 2D/3D animation project, Magic Spangle never forgets to perform R & D before proceeding with the digital files.


Once we have all the information and ideas before us ready to spill out of the paper, we start with pre-produciton phase, i,e, the process of preparing all the elements involved in the project.

So we get together a script using your ideas, your thoughts and your and our inputs on them. What we now have is a very well written summary of the project with details of the course of action we will undertake.

This story transcript is then used to make a storyboard with all animation drawings. This includes sketches of sets and products / characters to satisfy ourselves about the consistency of our brilliant story idea.


After all this background work, we are ready to create life-like models using latest softwares and technologies.

If it is a 3D project 3D models are sculpted and sets/environments/props are modelled in 3D to make it feel real.

To bring it to life, movements are given to the 3D characters using animation processes so that they can talk, walk and speak or move the way we want it to. To enhance the mood and emotions of a scene, digital lights are used which makes the scene complete.

Likewise, in a 2D project character concepts are made. We use different tools to paint and animate them as per the requirements.


In this phase, the computer data is rendered. Whatever has been created- characters, props, scenes,sound,etc. is put together to create a single frame which makes the video complete. This is done by RENDERING THE COMPUTER DATA.

At Magic Spangle, we use our Renderfarm to generate the high quality output within the asked time frame.

Final Touch / Critics / Reviews

The final output video is reviewed to fix up issues, if at all there is any. Special effetcs are added in case there is a requirement.

Audios are checked and amendments are made before the final product is ready to be delivered.

This is the process we follow ‘most of the times’. But we are also quite flexible and understand that there is nothing like a metasolution for every problem. So if we feel that strictly following the above process limits our creativity or if you have a specific demand or wish, we are always ready to bend our rules here and there.


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