Human Figure Poses

Believe it or not, animation artists are human behaviour specialists masquerading as animators. We don’t only create characters, but also give them stances or poses so that it looks more human-like and witty. This involves a lot of study of human behaviour, their stance, gestures and expressions so that we can incorporate in animation to make it look close to reality.

Magic Spangle, a leading animation company, is backed by a team of experienced animators and illustrators who borrow from their imagination and experience to create evocative human figure poses to suit the purpose.  We bring our specialisation and skills to bear upon your ideas to transform them into videos and images, perfect in their execution and appearance.


real human figure pose

Female model poses illustration

Human figure poses

Traditionally artists have taken a special preference in studying the poses and anatomy of women. In the examples you can see a few examples of poses created by our artists....

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