Icons & Vector Art

Icons and vector art could merely be representational most of the times, but that does not discount either its utility or the kind of thought and skill that goes into creating them. With a considerable chunk of users switching to mobile devices and tablets to reach you, mobile sites and apps have become one of the priority areas for companies. In such a case, icons and vector arts have become a very important presence on your interface.

Magic Spangle, a half a decade old animation company, excels in devising icons and vector art for companies in accordance with their demands. Our in-house team of artists  and animators conduct extensive deliberation session to understand your idea of your icon and support and assist you in taking into to its final production phase and deliver accordingly. We create icons which are creative and not banal, but doesn’t defy commonsensical logic and appear natural and relatable to the users.

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Latest Icons, Vector Art and so on.

Icons & Vector Art

The importance of icons can never be understated. In case of apps, icons are the single most important piece of graphic that creates a lasting impact on the user's mind....

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