Team Members

Meet our team members and see their Skills!

Rajneesh Kumar

CEO & Founder

He claims to be the Boss at Magic Spangle Studios. He himself is an artist and has over 8 years of experience in the industry. Having managed over 800 small and large projects, he is the guy responsible for running Magic Spangle Studios. He believes in motivating his co-workers through speeches and claims that his speeches work wonders, however, the co-workers disagree.

Joe Edakkunnathu

SEO And Marketing Expert

With over 17 years of experience on small and large brands, he has experience with all types of interactive work. He is immensely multi-talented and deals with clients world-wide. He loves travelling and has a keen interest in luxury Sports Cars. He hopes of owning a Ferrari someday.

Specialties: Website design development, experience design, project management, seo and mobile development.


Sniper and Entertainer

He is the most hard working member at Magic Spangle. Apart from keeping everyone entertained at the office, he keeps unwanted guests out of our office. We are so fond of him that (you wouldn’t believe) we made an app, especially for him. We call him Sniper, because he is amazingly accurate at catching things thrown towards him, in the air. He hopes to find a girlfriend and get married someday.

Shreya Gupta

Co-founder, Designer, Developer

One of the founding members of Magic Spangle Studios, she dabbles with both code and art. She creates some of the most amazing 3D animations and lately, she has been creating several games and apps for the AppStore. She takes special interest in making games and apps for small children. When she actually does all of these is still a mystery to many as she has never been seen at the office from sometime.

Manish Kumar

Lead Game Developer

He is the guy responsible for all the app and game development work that goes on at Magic Spangle. He makes 2D and 3D games and apps for almost all the platforms available in the market today. Multi-talented, as he has a degree in Mechanical Engineering as well. He has been spotted practicing Robot dance many a time and claims he does it because he wants to make Dancing Robots someday.

Edoardo Nicodemo

Sound Designer/Developer

A Musician, Composer and sound designer,hailing from Italy, with over 18 years of industry experience in post production, multichannel audio soundtrack for games, apps & multimedia products. As a musician/composer he takes keen interest in the day to day changes and popular trends of the music industry world-wide and is amazingly creative and fast. He hopes of winning a Grammy Award someday.


Senior Concept Artist

With an experience of over a decade and brain-full of crazy animation ideas, this guy has provided us with some of the exquisite arts till date. Apart from exhibiting his hippy beards and stubborn tattoos he is also known for his exquisite works in classical animation, digital animation and storyboard development. Though he drools over the idea of running a comic series but secretly dreams of getting married and have children, loads of them!


Animation Supervisor

The guy responsible for maintaining high standards of Animation in Magic Spangle Studios. In the past,he has worked for several animated T.V. Shows and Movies like ‘Motu Patlu’, ‘The centsables’, ‘Captain Vyom’, ‘Sea Soldiers’, ‘The Gift of Sacred Lake’ etc. He has a keen interest in studying human anatomy.
He says he was the spot boy for the Spiderman movies and wishes to star as the lead actor in a movie someday.


Senior Pre-Production Artist

With international projects to his name like Transformers Rescue bots and  Ronaldinho Guacho, he is the guy responsible for coining the concepts related to 2D Animation, Flash Animation and Traditional Animation. Backing his skill as an animator he has an experience of over 6 years that clearly reflects in his works. He dreams of traveling and exploring India and can hear nothing foul about KRK and Taher Shah.


Lighting & Compositing Artist

He says he takes care of the Post Production work but we can not confirm that. Apart from wasting our internet bandwidth and sleeping in the office, he creates stunning Motion Graphics and does an excellent job at Lighting,Composting and Rendering. He has a keen interest in the developments of the software and gaming industry.


2D & 3D Animator

The guy with multiple talents. He is equally capable in both 2D and 3D. He creates amazing 2D and 3D animation. He is comfortable in modelling, texturing and rigging as well. He has worked on some of the best animation projects in India. He believes that time is never ending and seldom delivers on time. He hopes of traveling to Space someday.

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