Most useful contributions of 3D animation has been in the Medical industry

Medical Animation

A medical animation is a short educational film, usually based around a physiological or surgical topic, that is rendered using 3D computer graphics. While it may be intended for an array of audiences, the medical animation is most commonly utilized as an instructional tool for medical professionals or their patients.

One of the most useful contributions of 3D animation has been in the Medical industry. Let us have a look at the various applications of Medical Animation:

1) A growing trend among medical animation studios is the creation of clips that explain surgical procedures or pharmaceutical mechanisms of action in terms simple enough for a layperson to understand. These animations may be found on hospital websites, in doctor’s office workstations or via medical studios themselves.

2) Medical animations are often employed as a method of visualizing the vast number of microscopic processes that occur in the human body.

3) From the most evident to the most seen by naked eye, 3D opens up a wider scale and variety of the human body. It depicts an accurate visualization by exploring the depths and intricacies of the science that cannot be created or replicated from a 2D illustration, sketch, photography or even live-action.

4) With the introduction of social media platforms, mobile apps and the recent rise of video marketing (platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, VINE, instavideo, etc.), 3D medical animation is well-positioned within the changing environment of media technology, and It evolves together with the latest designs, gadgets, software and interfaces.

5) 3D medical animation has proved invaluable when illustrating a process that cannot be replicated through live action or any traditional forms of media. Most of the drug, medical and scientific research in its infancy stage has limited availability of references and visual resources.

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