New iOS Game Under Development

Game poster design

Magic Spangle Studios is primarily an Animation Studio specializing in the field of 2D and 3D Animation. Lately, we have been designing several 2D and 3D Game Graphics for our partners across the globe. The graphics of these games have varied from a simple 2D Kids game to a full blown 3D Game with tonnes of graphical assets. Most of these have been exceptionally successful at the App Store and Google Play.

Over the last few months We, at Magic Spangle Studios, have been experimenting by making mini games for iOS and Android. We made several apps like Puzzles, Story Apps, Mini games, Talking apps among others. These apps were primarily intended for kids. Our intention here was to make sure we understood the market before making any major investment in terms of both, time and money.

 We are proud to announce that we have finally begun designing our first full blown game. The game title has not been decided yet. It will be made using the cocos2d-iPhone framework. It will be available on iOS in less than two months and will later be ported to Android. While most of the features of this game are still under the wrap or undecided , we can give you a list of things this game will surely include:

1) Level, many levels

2) Multiple Themes

3) Amazing, Truly Amazing graphics

4) Several Customization options and many more….

Graphic designing is our forte and we will leave no stone unturned to make sure that this turns out to be one of the most beautiful games in its genre. The characters have already started taking shape.

Wondering what the game is about? We leave you with something to wonder upon.


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