AiO I Product Kickstarter Video

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    AiO is based on the noble principal that tech products must minimise wastage. This video explains how AiO would create devices that can be used on a monthly basis and at the end the devices can be recycled and consumed.

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    1. We all love technologies.
    Because they enrich and facilitate our lives.

    We love (a computer picto, then a TV picto, then a smartphone picto, then a smartwatch picto, ). Each picto disappear and the next appear with a nice transition.

    2. The darker side of technology is that, as opposed to what is claimed by manufacturers, the products can’t simply be “the best they ever made”.

    3. Why ?

    4. Because they need to secure themselves to sell you the next generation.
    This is part of what is called “planned obsolescence”.

    5. Planned obsolescence is the key to create the everlasting frustration in every customer’s mind and conduct him to the well accepted “Buy, consume, throw away” scheme, resulting in more and more trash that is spread around the world and mostly not treated correctly.

    6. Now, imagine a model where the manufacturer is driven by the idea of keeping you as a customer rather to sell you the next product generation. Because what you would pay for, isn’t the ownership of the product but simply its usage on a monthly basis. Without any necessary commitment.
    This would guarantee every customer to benefit of the best service and best product, all the time.

    7. Now, let’s go a little bit further: Imagine that the product is swapped periodically and refurbished to be provided to NGO and schools in places where people aren’t able to afford it. And after another additional period, taken back to the manufacturer to be disassembled in a clean and sustainable way. Thus creating a virtuous circle that would benefit to everyone.

    8. That would be great, isn’t it ?

    9. Well, that model almost already exists.

    10. This is AiO.

    11. AiO is the device that will literally bring the big screen experience from the movie theater into your home.

    12. AiO will be offered thru this new economical model, making it affordable to everyone and letting its users free to decide to up or downgrade as much than to stay or not in the program.

    13. We have worked hard to bring you this innovative and sustainable project, which we believe will improve user experience, access to enriched education and a brighter future for our children.
    Improve user experience, access to enriched education, brighter future for our children
    With nice transition between each sentence

    14. If like us, you believe in this new model, share this video with those who care around you.

    Dates: 2015-10-28
    Tag: Crowdfunding Video