Feel it Microshaver- Whiteboard

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    Whiteboard animations like these are wonderful for creating explainer videos.

    This video was created at Magic Spangle Studios. If you are in need of a similar video or would like to know how such videos can help your business, contact us at

    Website : www.magicspangle.com
    Email : rajneesh@magicspangle.com
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    James wants to trim hair from his nose and ear? But he finds it too difficult to do even after using several mirrors.

    Lynda is a business woman. She is always on the go and needs to be groomed 24*7. But it is difficult for her to carry all the shaving accessories.

    Stephen is tired of all the batteries and wires and other stuff he has to take care of while shaving.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could somehow shave with your fingers? Yes, Fingers!

    This is now possible with Feelit Microshaver. All you need to do is: Peel, Stick and Shave. Its as simple as that.

    First, Peel of the release waxed paper. Then, stick it on your index finger. And Shave those awkward areas on your body.

    Feelit Microshaver is the only shaver that will give you the close look of shaving where you can’t see through a mirror, where you need to shave by feel such as your ears, nose, back of the neck. It is for those awkward areas on your body where you can shave by touch.

    Feelit microshaver is

    1) Easy to use. Just Peel, Stick and Shave.
    2) Small in size. It easily fits in you wallet.
    3) Multi-directional.
    4) Does not use electricity or battery
    5) Easily disposable

    Yep, Feelit Microshaver does it all.

    James can now feel and trim his nose and ear hair. Lynda can carry Feelit wherever she goes and use them when necessary. Stephen is free of all the clutter and can now easily shave. All thanks to FeelitMicroshaver

    Visit feelitmicroshaver.com and join the revolution. Feel to shave.

    Dates: 2014-11-29
    Tag: Product Video: How It Works
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