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    Who doesn't love a stick figure animated video? This video explains how our body depends on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health for overall well-being.

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    “We take better care of our smartphones than we do of ourselves.”

    This statement by Arianna huffington is scary, but ever so true.

    We take such good care of our phones because when the battery is dead we know they are no good to us.

    We know when and for how long we need to charge that battery to last the day. If we don’t charge, the consequence is dead phone, and will be relying on makeshift solutions or juggling time on docking stations to revive our favourite device.

    Somehow society decided human batteries are endless, catapulting us into an era of burn out, stress, depression, adrenal fatigue syndrome, disengagement and high turnover rates in the workplace. The media will have us believe that is just the way of the world, but here’s and equation to consider:

    Expend Energy + Replenish Energy = Performance

    It’s ironic how the very technology that is making our world more chaotic than ever, lives by this simple rule of recharging energy.

    There is no short term consequence if we humans fail to recharge which is perhaps our biggest trap. Unlike a phone we can run on empty, so we adjust our stories to keep pushing on through.

    “I don’t have time and energy to recharge, I have too much work to do.”

    But over-expending is unsustainable. Unfortunately too many people still learn this hard truth once it’s too late.

    It is down to you to prioritise replenishment in your own life and encourage it in those around you.

    And that’s how Rise and Shine can help.

    But first it is important to realise wellness is more than only physical health. All those step challenges, fruit bowls and subsidised gym memberships are important, however there are three other dimensions of wellness; Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health that matter just as much.

    All four dimensions are intertwined and integrated. If one is dramatically out of sync, you can be certain it is dragging down the rest.

    When we schedule time to recharge our minds we experience more focus and clarity every day.

    When we better understand our emotions we stop reacting to stimuli, we take responsibility for our emotions and start to feel calmer and become more resilient.

    When we uncover our own personal values and design a life we want to live, we jump out of bed every day motivated, excited and enjoyable to be around.

    This is holistic wellness. This is what we specialise in at Rise and Shine Coaching.

    We offer corporate wellness workshops, team building workshops, group wellness parties, one on one coaching plus more.

    Dates: 2015-08-19
    Tag: Rise And Shine