Increasing popularity of Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard Animation
Over the past couple of years, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand of Whiteboard Animation. More and more people want their explainer videos to be done in the form of Whiteboard Animations.
According to Wikipedia, Whiteboard animation is a process where a creative story and storyboard with pictures is drawn on a whiteboard (or something that resembles a whiteboard) by artists who record themselves in the process of their artwork.
While it may not actually be a genuine recording of a person creating the Art/Graphics, it is very similar to it. This video : shows an example of whiteboard animation. In the video you will notice, how the art, animation and audio are paced together wonderfully so that the information that is being conveyed through the video becomes absolutely clear.
Let us have a look at the various advantages of Whiteboard Animations :
1) See the idea from birth : You can use Whiteboard animations to show your products in various phases including the early concept phase, design phase and later in the demo and final phase. This helps you attract investors and customers throughput the product cycle
2) Easy understanding of complex ideas : When you present your idea to a customer or investor, it is of utmost importance that your audience understands it without any difficulty. Videos are the best way to do so. Not only does your audience listen to you, but he sees everything clearly in front of his eyes. Whiteboard animations are very easy on the eyes which is a huge advantage.
3) Viral Website Traffic : Whiteboard Animations are very informative and funny. Chances of it being shared on a social networking site is much more than the average advertisement.
4) Sales boost : All the above factors leads to increase no of views which automatically leads to a boost in sales.
5) Cheap : Despite all the advantages listed above, it is still very cheap as compared to 3D animations which follow a rather long production pipeline.
We have produced over 100 Whiteboard Animations, Motion Graphics, E Learning and Explainer Videos. The procedure which is followed at Magic Spangle Studios for preparing such videos is :
1) Understanding Clients Requirements : We talk to our clients to understand what they have in mind. Our clients generally have some references which help us a great deal.
2) Carrying out Research and Development : We carry out an extensive R&D on the subject on which the Whiteboard ANimation has to be prepared.
3) Preparation of a Draft Copy : We prepare a draft after collecting the necessary details which is shown to the Client. If the client suggests changes, we make it and the process is repeated until the client is satisfied.
4) Preparation of Digital files : After the approval of Draft Copy, we start the production of digital files. The client is sent a daily report on whats being done each done. After feedback from the client, the changes are incorporated as we proceed.
5) Approval : Once the digital files are fully prepared, they are shown to client. Any changes are made until the client is fully satisfied.
6) Delivery of Final Files : Once the client is fully satisfied with the video, the source files along with the final output files are delivered in the desired format.
You can view our portfolio for Whiteboard Animations, Motions Graphics and Explainer videos here :
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