Public Relation Videos

The impression held by customers has a direct influence on the performance of the business, and therefore maintaining good public relations is an important concern. The story of the brand, its positioning and promotion is a routine job now and can’t be neglected. Plus, with the gap between customers and businesses shrinking due to company’s attempt to connect through SOLOMO (social-local-mobile), managing brand’s image has become more important than ever. Targeting customers through Social, local and mobile have begun to feature in the priority list of Public Relations team and video is among the most preferred tool to latch onto viewer’s attention and influence them.

While your quirky Facebook post might be missed, but the brand video is too compelling to be overlooked. Companies have realized this and are always on a lookout for opportunities to release videos that could reconnect the audience with the brand.

With a team which has been a witness to the revolution brought by social, local and mobile in advertising, we understand what works on these channels. At Magic Spangle, we work together with the client companies to create a video for you which immediately connects with your target audience and makes them talk about it. These funny and cute videos have their own ways of working through the viewer’s mind.