The commercial demand of architectural has been on rise since the past few years.

Architectural Visualization

Architectural Animation is a short animation movie with computer generated buildings along with landscape and other props such as vehicles, humans etc. The commercial demand of architectural has been on rise since the past few years. It can be attributed to different factors such as rapid increase in development of real estate, globalization and other such factors.

Earlier, three dimensional scale models used to be built to show the construction projects. But more and more people have started using 3D Animation these days to show their construction projects. The advantages of doing so are many. We list down a few of them below :

1. Often clients are unable to grasp the complexity and spatial qualities of large projects without the help of computer generated visual aids.

2. It attracts investors and customers who may not know much about building designs an prefer visualization rather than technical drawings to see the buildings look and features.

3. Portable : You can literally carry your constructions in your pockets and show it to your clients and investors.

4. Changes cab be performed quicker than three dimensional scale models.

You can visit the following link to view our portfolio related to Architectural Animations and Walkthroughs :

Mentioned below are the services we offer in the field of Architectural Animation

1. Architectural visualization:

a) 3D rendering

b) 3D walk-through

c) 3D demo of city planning

d) 3D demo of landscape planning

2. Restoration of ancient architecture

a) Animation:

3. Rendering

a) Simulation of product and engineering design

4. Virtual Reality:

a) Digital sand-table system for city/community planning

b) GIS (Geographic information system)

c) Multifunctional educational system

d) Simulation and restoration of cultural heritage and ancient architecture

e) Virtual shopping mall

Having created over 100 Architectural animations and renders, we, at Magic Spangle have the right expertise to help you create the construction of your dreams. Our rates are friendly to both large companies and small start-ups. If you are a professional looking to make 3D Architectural Animation, or would like to know how such videos could benefit you, please reach us at,

Email :

Phone : +91 9990156623

We look forward to working with you.

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