Top 5 Explainer Videos

Top 5 Explainer Videos


Everyday when we sit down to work on the awesome videos that we make, we look for inspirations. This is when we surf on Youtube to see what other people are making and more often than not, we find some amazing work going on in the community. People coming up with clever ideas, mind-blowing art and amazing animations, there’s just so much going on.

These videos not only make us work harder so we can deliver only the best to our customers but also help us learn everyday. After viewing countless number of explainer videos, we have handpicked a few which in our opinion standout from the crowd. Here are the five explainer videos that we think are the best(in no particular oder) :

1) Dollar Shave Club :

Just as someone from the comments section for this video says “This is one of the very few ads i’ll sit through on Youtube. Pure genius.”

This video is indeed pure genius. This funny, wacky video knows its audience very well. It knows its target customer is the 25 year old guy who would be comfortable ordering a steady supply of razors online. If you notice, the video follows a clear pattern of how a video should be structured in general i.e. Show the product, show the problem and show how the problem is to be solved. The script is very tightly written keeping in mind the target audience and video has been shot to perfection.

2) Google Plus :

Yeah! We know. Google Plus might not have shot to success in a way many of us expected it to. But this video is just how everyone wants an an animated explainer video to be, crisp and to the point. The video is just amazing. Even if a person has no idea of what Google Plus is, he’d be able to tell you that it is better than Facebook on so many fronts, just after watching this video. It kind of convinces you to believe that Google Plus is indeed better than Facebook.

Very often artists get so involved in creating graphics that they forget the sole purpose they are creating it for. Graphics are supposed to convey the ideas clearly and not just fill the screen with good looking art. This video uses simple art that convey the message to the viewer without distracting.

3) Crazy Egg Explainer Video :

This video starts off straight by explaining the problem and then dives into explaining how it can help and explains the solutions it has to offer. The graphics and the animations are well in sync with the voiceover. There is a proportionate dose of humour which keeps the viewer engaged while clearly explaining the services it has to offer. This video has all the attributes of a winner.

4) Mint :

I love how each element is so linked up to the next scene. Every storyboarding artist has had problems with connecting one scene to another and this video serves as a nice reference for it. This video also shows how a very compelling video can be made using very simple shapes and graphics.

5) Our Inhouse Favourite : Liquor License Florida Sarasota County :


Well, we had to include one of our videos, didn’t we? We love this video for everything from its art style, its simple animations, its precise script and the small little effects.

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