Viral Videos

Don’t we always say that videos are one-time investment and their returns are worth much more? One of the reasons is easy shareability of videos and its propensity to become viral.

Now obviously you don’t need us to explain you what is a viral video. Simplistically, it is any video which has travelled fast among a wider pool of audience in a very short span of time. But you do want to know what makes a video viral or popular. Videos become popular because of either of these or all of these:

  1. Hook your reader’s attention early in the video. Don’t spill all the beans immediately but create enough curiosity.
  2. The video should give them something new to talk about. So it should make them laugh, surprise them, fill them with awe so that they are bound to share.
  3. The subject matter of the video should be relevant and resonate with the taste and needs of your audience.
  4. Promote the video actively across channel, engage with the audience and use relevant keywords and tags to make it searchable.

To achieve all this for your video is not exactly a very easy task. So, quite simply, making a video viral needs professional handling. We can tell you what, how and why your video will effect and engage the audience.