What makes an explainer video great

How Explainer Videos Are Made

So you’ve made your decision and have tasked us with the responsibility of crafting an explainer video for you. Perfect. But you’re not sure how these videos are made and where you should provide your input. Or may be, you just want to know how we make these magical explainer videos.

So lets give you a brief tour of what goes on at the Magical Kingdom of Magic Spangle. The complete process of video making can be divided into 6 steps:

  1. Ideation
  2. Scripting
  3. Voiceover
  4. Storyboard
  5. Graphics
  6. Animation

Lets go through each step one by one :

1) Ideation

So you have an idea, a business, a service (or really anything) that you want to show to people through a video. You know everything about your product and you want to say it all. Great, right? Not so much. Its called the curse of Knowledge. Your deep knowledge of your product includes so many details which your customers, your audience don’t really understand or care about. At Magic Spangle, we capture the essence of your idea and clearly explain it with our custom made videos.

We hand over a questionnaire which contains questions such as “What is your target market?”, “What are the most important selling points of your product?” and many more depending on the kind of video we are making. We expect you to answer these questions precisely and with utmost detail.


2) Scripting

An expert writer is then assigned to your project. He carries out extensive research, goes through your website, gathers information about the product/idea/service in detail and tracks what your competition is doing. Finally, a script is sent to you for approval.


3) Voiceover

We offer you a range of voices and accents to choose from. You can pick any language in the world and we will get it recorded for you with utmost precision taking care of voice modulation and proper articulation.


4) Storyboard

A storyboard is a sequence of images that accurately depict what will be shown in the video. Here you can see an example of storyboard, we prepared for one of our videos. We also send you a art style reference to give you an idea of the art that will be used in the video.


5) Graphics

After the storyboard is approved, our artists prepare high resolution coloured images ready to be used in the video.


6) Animation

Finally, our animators add their magic to the graphics using softwares such as Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects etc and we have your video.

We add a suitable background music and sfx to complement the video and voila, we have your magical video ready to mesmerise everyone. These videos can be shared on your website, on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and many more places. More importantly, these videos act as your 24 hour salesman, except you don’t have to pay them.


Get in touch with us to know how we could help you or your business with these videos. View our videos here.

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