Why Storyboarding Is Important

why storyboarding is important


Storyboards which may seem like unfinished sketches or casual doodling to many, are in fact one of the most important stages of pre-production while making any kind of video. Here at Magic Spangle Studios, we consider storyboarding essential while making explainer videos. This helps our clients to have a visual idea of what is going to happen in the animated video.

Storyboards are used in all types of videos i.e Motion Picture, Animation, Motion Graphic or Interactive Media. They were initially used by the artists at Walt Disney and have been in use since then.

Storyboarding can be very time consuming or can even be done over a cup of coffee. It really depends on how detail oriented the artist wants it to be. Mostly though, the storyboards are kept fairly simple and details are added while the final graphics are being prepared.

The storyboarding process is often followed by ‘Animatics’ where the images are put together in sequence to give the viewer a better idea of how the video will look and feel with motion and timing.


Here are some of the several benefits of Storyboards :


1) Freedom to experiment

Because storyboarding is one of the very first stages while creating a video, there is a lot of room for making changes. Concept artists are free to experiment and see what turns out to be the best.

2) Storyboards are the best judge of scripts

Lets be frank, some scripts only look good on paper. Just as it goes into storyboarding, mistakes (if any) are soon caught and remedied.

3) Show areas of improvement

This is what the storyboards are made for. They clearly show areas for improvement such as scene balance, repetitive scenes, complicated drawings etc. They also help you see new opportunities and quickly make changes.

4) It makes our lives easier

For a second, lets imagine making videos without storyboards. A writer hands over the the script to the artist who prepares the final graphics directly which is handed over to the animator. The animator with no clue of the animation, starts animating. There’s a 110% chance the animation will turn out to be..lets say..not satisfactory. You know the reason why? Here’s why : The writer imagined something while writing, the graphic artist similarly imagined something while drawing and the animator imagined something entirely different while doing the animations.

While making the storyboard,the writers, several artists and animators all sit together and discuss what they’ve thought about the script. This is a very good step where everyone chips in with their opinions.

You can see a few examples of our storyboards here and here. Check out our videos here. To know how we can help your business, your company or you, contact us here.



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